DigiMano 2500

DigiMano 2500
DigiMano 2500
Product Code: DM2500
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Digimano 2500, Digital Pressure / Vacuum Meter is a versatile, high performance digital pressure and vacuum meter. The precision instrument is designed for use in numerous medical and industrial applications. DigiMano 2500 is compatible with a wide range of gases and fluids.

It is housed in a rugged aluminium case with a sealed membrane keypad. The built in serial port, dual relay control out puts, real time Data output, internal Data storage memory, are ideal for industrial process control as well as automated pressure calibration applications. DigiMano 2500 is available in three different models, Gauge, Absolute and Differential with pressure ranges from 2 PSI to 200 PSI.



  • Large Graphics Display
  • High Accuracy 0.03%
  • Non Corrosive Fluid Gas
  • Multiple Engineering Units
  • Peak Pressure Reading
  • Automatic Zero
  • RS 232 Communication Port
  • Dual Relay control Out Put
  • User selectable Out Put settings
  • Real Time Clock
  • Data storage capability
  • Rugged Aluminium Case
  • Sealed Membrane Switches



Display: Graphics 128 x 64 LCD
Three Models: Gauge, Absolute & Differential
Pressure Ranges: Availble from 2 PSI to 100 PSI
Accuracy: 0.03% full range,+/- 1 count.
Operating Temperature: 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C
Media Compatibility (Port 1): Non-corrosive fluids and gases.
Media Compatibility (Port 2): Air only
Pressure / Vacuum Port: Quick Connect
Over Pressure:2 X Pressure range.
Power: Li + rechargeable batter and battery charger
Physical Dimensions: 4.75 X 2.5 X 1.5 in
Weight: 11.9 oz (0.34kg)


Available Models

Model # Description Price
250-2PSI    -2 to 2 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00
250-10PSI -10 to 10 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy 895.00
250-25PSI -14 to 25 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00
250-60PSI -14 to 60 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00
250-100PSI -14 to 100 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00
250-150PSI -14 to 150 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00
250-200PSI -14 to 200 PSI Range with 0.1% Accuracy. 895.00



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